Motivation & Inspiration

Enthusing teams

Generating optimism and promoting a spirit of self-belief

Motivating groups of people is about making connections with individuals and rekindling a sense of objectivity and purpose. It is about challenging perceptions and beliefs in a way that does not judge the past or present but instead inspires visions for the future. It is about sharing research and observations using stories, humour and examples to engage and enthuse. It’s the buzz of conversation over coffee, lunch or an evening glass of wine, demonstrating a reaffirmation of what we do, why we do it and a determination to do it even better.

Nick is a recognised motivational speaker who understands that planning an unforgettable event should produce extraordinary results. Working with organisers from the initial stages through to the effective and memorable delivery, Nick will have a lasting impact. Whether you want to inspire a room of CEOs, Principals and Headteachers, a hall of delegates ready for an after dinner speaker or a conference for people with a passion for learning, Nick will clarify their vision, fuel their purpose, and magnify their impact.