Headteacher Coaching Program

Supporting, Challenging and Innovating

Whilst both demanding and challenging, the role of Headteacher is also immensely rewarding and fulfilling; but for a Headteacher to successfully direct the school and its community, the ability to ‘lead’ skilfully is paramount. Headteacher coaching is a fantastic way in which to develop and enhance existing leadership skills. High quality coaching has been proven to make a significant difference to organisational effectiveness; it should be seen as an entitlement and investment, rather than a cost.

The leadership program is designed specifically around the Headteacher’s agenda. It is delivered in confidence and without fear of judgement. The program recognises the importance of a strong ‘leadership team’ and also works with the Deputy Head and other key members on a number of important areas including:

  • Developing the curriculum
  • Assessment without levels
  • Implementing a policy to encourage mastery and deepening of learning
  • Monitoring teaching
  • School self-evaluation
  • Ofsted preparation
  • Managing staff teams
  • School improvement planning
  • Staff well- being
  • Marking

Liz Mitchell is the Headteacher at Seal C of E Primary School in Sevenoaks, Kent. Her outstanding leadership skills have been continuously recognised, and as a result, she has been nominated for a Headteacher of the Year Award. For the last year, Liz has worked with Nick Hind on a Leadership Coaching Program, designed to support her in accurate decision-making, with the aims to achieve maximum impact across the entire school community.

Liz recognised that as a relatively new Headteacher, there was so much more knowledge to gain. The program has given Liz both a boost in confidence and new skills in order to continuously lead the school into success.

headteacher-coaching-13691-CASE STUDY SHEET - SEAL.indd

Just recently, Liz has been a keynote speaker at a number of high profile events for Headteachers. Her enthusiasm is infectious and delegates leave feeling motivated and uplifted.

“All Headteachers should have access to this type of support. It has, without doubt, had a significant impact on all areas of our school.”
Liz Mitchell