Designing an Amazing Curriculum

Improving, Inspiring, Innovating

The Headteacher at Shaldon Primary School recognised that an “Outstanding,” Ofsted report wasn’t enough. She wanted to design a curriculum that reflected the school’s shared values; at the heart of this was encouraging positive learning behaviours, developing positive character traits and reinforcing positive attitudes- she wanted to propel her school into the future by forward looking and forward thinking.

Working with Nick Hind, the starting point was to clearly define and articulate the difference that she wanted to see in her school. The second stage was to conduct a review involving all staff and governors, which formed the basis of the improvement action plan.

Over the past few years, Nick has supported the school to develop a curriculum that:

  • Supports the development of independent learning
  • Plans for pupils to work collaboratively
  • Actively promotes creativity
  • Instills a recognition of the need to be resilient and determined
  • Is based on helping students to master learning and achieve mastery
  • Establishes effective learning habits
  • Places character development at the heart of the curriculum
  • Achieves the highest standards
  • Is memorable and inspirational
  • Allows teachers to be autonomous
  • Motivates teachers and learners

Since the new curriculum has been in place, the staff and pupils have been highly motivated. The school is now considered to be one of the most forward looking and forward thinking in the country and the school’s achievements have gained national recognition.


To continue pushing forward, the school has become an Academy and has joined forces with a nearby school. The dual thinking between the two schools has enabled the implementation of shared policies, and new planning procedures incorporating Bloom’s Taxonomy have been created. There is willingness for the teachers to learn from each other and develop their practice and as a result, there is a real sense of pride shared by all.